Yahweh Employment Services

Yahweh offers a customised programs that support internationally‐trained professionals to find work in their field that reflects their experience. We provide job search services entirely free‐of‐charge. We assist job seekers from diverse backgrounds, who are facing barriers to employment, to integrate into the International job market.

Finding a job in Canada can be a big hurdle for a lot of potential newcomers. And even if you find a job you’d like to apply for, the application process for many jobs can be confusing. That’s why we’re pleased to offer our Canadian employment services.

What we offer?

A job offer from a Canadian employer can significantly increase your chance of being invited to apply for permanent residence. Under Express Entry, candidates with job offers can claim extra Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points. A job offer is also an eligibility criteria for many Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) aligned with Express Entry

Finding a Job in Canada

Canadian Employment Advisor

Building a Resume

Canadian Employment Connections

The Canadian Employment Connections (CEC) program is a free pre‐arrival employment program that offers virtual services to prepare internationally trained professionals for the Canadian job market. The program is sector‐focused, examining in‐demand jobs across six Canadian sectors and the skills required to land these roles. There are four main components to the program: job search tools, Canadian business communications training, sector‐specific trends and employer connections.

  • Prepare for your job search from your country of residence even before your arrival in Canada
  • Customized one‐to‐one support to help you start your job search regardless of where you plan to land in Canada
  • Orientation to your sector in Canada
  • Access to self‐directed, online learning modules to prepare for the Canadian workplace
  • Connecting to employers who are hiring in your sector
  • Connect to potential job opportunities across Canada


  • Have been approved for Canadian permanent residency and are currently living outside of Canada
  • Plan to arrive in Canada within the next 2 to 6 months
  • Completed post‐secondary education and at least 2 years of experience in one of the six sectors listed above
  • Are fluent in English
  • Are committed to completing an online training module of approximately 40 hours